The Orgonomic Institute of Northern California provides training to professionals and students in Wilhelm Reich’s Orgonomic Therapy. OINC also offers public workshops, private practice consultation, and therapy services.

Reichian Therapy (Orgonomic Therapy)

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Our therapy model is very active and engages the client in a process of transformation that is palpable after the first session. We primarily utilize the principles and techniques of Wilhelm Reich. As the father of somatic psychology, Reich created a mind/body discipline that incorporates biophysical interventions through breath, direct manipulation, and physical expression. This biophysical work is paired with verbal analysis and is contained within a strong, spirited relationship between client and therapist. The result is profound character transformation and significantly lower levels of stress, muscular contraction, and physical and psychological symptoms such as depression and anxiety. Dr. Frisch helps with relationship issues and practices dream analysis as part of her treatment approach.

Click to hear WRNW radio’s interview of Dr. Frisch
as she talks about Reichian/Orgonomic Therapy

SAGE Encyclopedia with Dr. Frisch’s Chapter on Orgonomy, Now Available!

This 1200-page, two-volume Encyclopedia of Theory in Counseling and Psychotherapy has just been published and includes a chapter written by Dr. Patricia Frisch on Orgonomy (Reichian Therapy). The Encyclopedia contains information on a myriad of topics from the beginnings of counseling to contemporary psychotherapy. Wilhelm Reich, the father of Somatic Psychology, created a discipline called Orgonomy and Dr. Frisch outlines his contributions, including characteranalysis, insights on human sexuality and child rearing, and his comprehensive clinical mind-body approach.

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