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Cleansing a Challenging Year

A Challenging YearThe darkened skies and hot red-shaded sun of our debris-filled atmosphere here in California could not help but darken our mood. Our confinement in our homes to prevent breathing noxious particles bodes ill for an apocalyptic new normal marked by climate change.

We have been spit out of a roiling two years of politics marked by ignorance, corruption, nepotism, increased debt, lack of support for the military and federal law enforcement, and dangerous national and international policies that have stunned even our most conservative thinkers. Each day we receive our news alerts and grit our teeth for another day.

The political chasm has separated couples, families, friends and neighbors, as the division of values drives wedges between loved ones as the gulf widens and seems impossible to cross. The solution for many is agreed-upon silence around political topics. This ban on communication creates tension and chronic strain and erodes the comfort and ease of intimate friendships and relationships.

The mid-term elections brought new energy and vitality; women won, diversity reigned, and democracy flexed its fierce muscles – the power of choice would not be stopped.

The election results reflected the diligent efforts of masses of people working non-stop across our country, in tireless community efforts, bringing forth intelligent options.

We are at the end of a year of challenge. We have seen the power of those who are fighting for recognition of climate science, who have fought for righteous causes across our country, and are joined by the courts to uphold the rule of law.

We must renew our resilience for the new year, feel invigorated by our active democracy marked by high voter turnout, commitment to functional government, and demonstrated allegiance to gun control, fair immigration standards and the drive to bring all to the voting booths.

Can we cross the divide to each other to find common ground? Can we lift our, at times, haggard spirits to face the new day, the New Year with resilience and spunk?

This blog is not so much about politics but about reinforcing our human spirit of fairness, decency, civility and dialogue. Think about your values and see what shifts might be made to be a more responsible and engaged person. Think about your integrity level and examine where your personal flaws in integrity reside.

Let’s commit in the New Year to bathe in the fresh, clear air of spirit as it guides us forward to the coming new day — an alchemical baptism in the pure water of renewal. The rain has come, and with it, a cleansing of our spirits.


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  1. Patricia, I’m uplifted and consoled and ready to give back, to join in, to stand firm in a rebalancing of my homeland, my country, the United States of America. Thank you for naming the devastating events we have faced. I feel there’s a tipping point now. A leaning toward active and engaged democracy, toward truth, fairness and decency. Let our little lights shine across the land!

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