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November 2021: Dreams – Connecting with Your Unconscious Mind

Dream life is perturbing, provocative, at times symbolically cohesive as we enter a settled place of symbolic equanimity.

Dreams give us entry to the mystery of the psyche; we can identify our fears and terrors, unfinished business with friends and family; and take a look into our future landscape, premonitions or glimpses of what may unfold. Dreams are the window into the soul.

Dr. Frisch’s blog from March 2016 explains dreams and how our conscious and unconscious minds connect:

Dreams: Reorient Toward Your Inner Life

Dreaming is a pathway into the mysteries of our psyche. Dreams and dream analysis help us establish an illuminated relationship with our unconscious. Our relationship with our unconscious is important as our unconscious is often in the driver’s seat affecting many aspects of our life – even if we don’t realize it. Our conscious mind may be, at times, in the backseat as our unconscious emotions, drives and impulses take over. Dr. Carl Jung, a brilliant dream expert, teaches us that the unconscious mind is a powerful internal force that must be responded to and respected or it can flood us – resulting in a feeling of being overwhelmed by our own inner thoughts and feelings. When the psyche is not reckoned with, it may express itself through a persistent variety of physical and mental symptoms that we have difficulty understanding. Tuning into our dreams is a way to develop a relationship with our unconscious; to listen carefully to the messages we receive in our dreams.

Our dreams are helpful in many ways. When we lift the shadowy veil between the conscious mind and the unconscious, we enter into a relationship with our psyche and soma that helps amplify our awareness and understanding of ourselves. Jung viewed our unconscious as an inner spiritual teacher; he delineated the functions of the psyche, one being a guide ­– a voice of the Self. We don’t have to seek direction repeatedly from a spiritual master or teacher as we have inner guidance as well. Our dreams give us direction and clarity during times of confusion, revealing possibilities we may not have consciously considered.

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