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January 2022: The Pandemic Chase

Many of us feel the darkness. The pandemic has been chasing us; absorbing us in its tracks. There is no way to avoid it as it is now endemic; it has become our reality; it is our future.

Yet, we must cherish our lives; increase our creativity and not sacrifice to our fears, that are haunting shadows.

How do we live and find our muse? Let’s continue forward with joy of friendship, and camaraderie, while staying attentive to our health needs.

There is data about advances in vaccines and boosters and we are advised to get boosters. Possibly new pills to ward off the next round will emerge.  Omicron is an epidemic at this moment yet there are clear projections it will wane.

We must realize the new phase of our lives, living with the virus and not fighting against it. Then we can cherish our goals, accomplishments and venture forward to new adventures in our mind and soul.

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