The Orgonomic Institute of Northern California

In the mid-90’s, Dr. Patricia Frisch set about utilizing her decades of experience in Orgonomic Therapy and passion for teaching to begin providing professional/public workshops and trainings based on her clinical knowledge of Wilhelm Reich. Reich’s mind/body integrated approach to treatment is the foundation of somatic psychology.  Orgonomic treatment includes characteranalysis: a dynamic interplay that impacts unhealthy aspects of the patient’s character structure as well as biophysical work that transforms the body through opening the breath and releasing muscular holding. Treating both character structure and its biophysical manifestations helps ameliorate distressing symptoms.

Dr. Frisch’s Innovative Theoretical and Clinical Method

Dr. Frisch’s unique method evolved from her experiences as a clinician and teacher. She realized that Reich’s theories were based in the analytic context of his time and needed an update. She felt the theory could be enhanced with additions from Masterson and attachment theorists who came after Reich. She has expanded Reich’s character types to include pre-oedipal disorders of the Self as delineated by James Masterson.

Dr. Frisch’s professional trainings proved to be extremely successful in providing participants a rarely seen view of the potency of Reich’s techniques and Dr. Frisch’s method in the professional realm. She was inspired to develop her programs further and on January 1st, 2000, she formally launched The Orgonomic Institute of Northern California (OINC).

The Institute’s mission is to meet the needs of professionals and students who wish to be trained in the techniques of orgonomic bio-therapy and Dr. Frisch’s method, and to provide information to the public about the orgonomic therapeutic process. OINC achieves its mission through professionally designed and delivered trainings at various locations in California.

We invite you to view two short video clips: Dr. Frisch introducing the Orgonomic Institute in a preview clip titled Introduction, and Dr. Frisch giving a short orientation titled Orgonomy, which features her introducing this powerful therapeutic approach. These videos are part of the SAGE Video collection, published by SAGE Publications, Ltd.

Patricia Frisch Ph.D.

Executive Director

Patricia R. Frisch, Ph.D. licensed psychologist and MFT, is an expert in Wilhelm Reich’s theory and techniques also known as Orgonomy, as well as her own unique method that defines the nuts and bolts of clinical practice and enhances clinical skills. Dr. Frisch is founder and Executive Director of The Orgonomic Institute of Northern California (OINC) where she mentors, supervises and trains professionals in her own method that integrates Orgonomy: characteranalysis, somatic interventions, with the diagnostic typologies of Reich and Masterson.  Her programs include instruction in Reichian characteranalysis, Masterson’s Disorders of the Self, dream analysis, group therapy and couples therapy.  Her classes are held at her own facility and at clinics and college sites in the bay area.  In addition to teaching live classes, Dr. Frisch has also created a comprehensive audio training program, which provides Independent Study through long-distance learning and certification options to students throughout the U.S. and internationally.

She authored the Orgonomy (Reichian Therapy) chapter of Sage Publications’ (2015) Encyclopedia of Theory in Counseling  and Psychotherapy and has a published video through Sage (2015)  with the same focus.

She currently supervises professionals and interns at Community Institute for Psychotherapy in San Rafael.  She was founder and director of Counseling and Training Consultants, a non-profit which provided communications training to correctional facilities in California and Nevada for inmates and staff, and supervised mental health professionals in California State Prisons for over 10 years, including a full treatment and training program at San Quentin. She was also a well-received workshop leader at Esalen Institute for 10 years.

She currently maintains an active private practice serving individuals, couples, families, and groups in Mill Valley, California.

You may contact Dr. Patricia Frisch at 415-388-0622.


Dr. Frisch’s Mill Valley Office