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Dr. Joanna Fassl LMFT, DC

Dr. Joanna Fassl LMFT, DC is an Accredited Orgonomist, Licensed Psychotherapist #139466 and Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic #31991 with over two and a half decades of working with clients. She is trained and specializes in Dr Frisch’s Modern Orgonomy, an innovative method of Somatic Psychotherapy that powerfully works to dissolve resistances impeding one’s capacity to love and live fully. Joanna’s style is deep, engaging, creative and enlightening.

Therapy with Joanna is an enlivened experience that rebuilds the essential self from the ground up. Orgonomy works directly with the worn out and tired aspects/defenses of the facade that keep one frozen and trapped in a chronic stress response. Joanna sheds light on the styles of interaction, coping mechanisms and defensive structures that many erroneously identify as immovable parts of self. As the multiple layers of this facade are skillfully worked through, access opens to adequately face and work though unresolved hurt, macro and microtraumas and chronic missatunment that leave one a stranger to their own self. When open and unchained, clients can more fully experience their freedom, pleasure, assertive agency, and most profoundly love and intimacy. A new found stable center that is adaptive, responsive and discerning emerges.

Due to her extensive experience in working with the body as a Performance Artist, Pilates teacher and Chiropractor, Joanna is uniquely positioned to assess and attune to the language of the soma/body. She is educated in neurology, nutrition and physiology in a way that enables her to guide the path of healing from a grander holistic lens. She can provide physical and mindfulness tips, tools and skills to help bolster the psychological work we do. If and when it is time to engage in Orgonomic biophysical work, her background as a physical health practitioner adds a layer of specificity as well as masterful nurturance. Subtle cues in session will address your body to assist you in understanding yourself and learning how to recalibrate your nervous system to a balanced and sovereign state.

In addition to working with Orgonomy, Joanna also draws from Attachment Theory, Internal Family Systems, Bowen Family Therapy and Jungian Depth Psychology. She imbues her sessions with both the intricacies of the material world and the richness of the poetic/dream/spirit world. In this way, metaphorically digging in the dirt is a practice in alchemy proving that the greatest golden riches are at once intangible and wholly felt & seen.

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Lower-Fee Therapy Option

FIMO has a group of professional licensed therapists, accredited by Orgonomic Institute of Northern California/Dr. Frisch  who offer lower fee services for patients with financial concerns.  Contact us for more information.

Right to Receive a Good Faith Estimate of Expected Charges

Under Section 2799B-6 of the Public Health Service Act, health care providers and health care facilities are required to inform individuals who are not enrolled in a plan or coverage or a Federal health care program, or not seeking to file a claim with their plan or coverage both orally and in writing of their ability, upon request or at the time of scheduling health care items and services, to receive a “Good Faith Estimate” of expected charges.

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