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Reichian Therapist Dr. Patricia FrischDr. Patricia Frisch is a licensed Psychologist, licensed MFT, couple/family therapist, and group leader, with a specialty in Orgonomy since 1976. Orgonomy utilizes the principles of Wilhelm Reich, father of somatic (body-based) psychology who created an inclusive mind/body analytic model that works with breath, direct muscular intervention, and emotional expression to treat the interface between inner/external conflicts and psychological symptoms (anxiety, depression, mood disorders, chronic pain and tension, sexual disorders, physical illness, sleep disorders, addiction etc.).  Reichian/Orgonomic therapy is very powerful. It facilitates dramatic personal change by dissolving defensive patterns, integrating difficult inner feelings and experiences, and creating healthy styles of relating.

Dr. Frisch’s approach utilizes present-centered conversation, direct feedback and dream work to help patients confront difficult pasts and current problems. She skillfully intervenes to restore healthy self-regulation – both emotionally and physically. Therapy allows for an insightful, examined life and supports conscious changes needed to heal body, mind, and spirit. Her style is warm, sometimes directive, intuitive, and always profoundly engaged. Her couple/family approach opens up communication and helps resolve wounds that disable a loving relationship.

Benefits of Therapy with Dr. Frisch

  • Change aspects of personality, emotional patterns, and habitual thoughts that cause chronic difficulties
  • Alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and panic
  • Decrease unhealthy somatic responses and stress-related symptoms (muscular tension, headaches, nervous disorders)
  • Address sexual problems
  • Establish new approaches to intimacy and develop successful skills of communication and expression through relational therapy

Dr. Frisch’s therapeutic style facilitates

  • Self-awareness, understanding, resolution of old pain, and transformation
  • Discovery of a more authentic self with enhanced expression and creativity
  • Increased ability to experience pleasure individually and within relationships
  • Freedom from inhibitions and fears that block the experience of aliveness

Dr. Frisch is also the Executive Director of The Orgonomic Institute of Northern California, where she trains and supervises graduate students and professionals in Wilhelm Reich’s characteranalysis, Mastersonian Disorders of the Self (including Attachment theory), elements from Jung, and Reich’s somatic approach. She is a member of the Order of Thich Nhat Hanh.


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Licensed Psychologist (Psy 8206)
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT M8298)

Please call 415-388-0622 for an appointment or more information, or email Dr. Frisch.

Lower-Fee Therapy Option

Dr. Frisch has a group of professional licensed therapists, some accredited by OINC and others who are trainees, who offer lower fee services for patients with financial concerns. Locations include Marin, Novato, San Francisco, and the East Bay. Contact her at 415-388-0622 for an appropriate referral.


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