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“I found working with the CD and attending the class valuable. In working with the CD I was able to listen and re-listen, take notes and integrate the information in a different way. I could spend as much time as I needed and listen to it when time allowed. It is a great tool for my learning and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who wishes to embrace this complex and rich material.”

— Stacy S., Bend, OR

“The breadth of knowledge Dr. Frisch brings to working therapeutically with people allows her to go deep with each and every patient, revealing the true character and uncovering the layers of conflict, issues, and wounding. She is masterful at quickly honing in on each individual’s character type and working uniquely with them in a firm, straightforward, yet caring and nurturing way which facilitates her patient’s abilities to deepen contact with themselves and move towards change…” read more

— Susan L. Mill Valley, CA

“There is a lot of important information contained in the audio courses, and there is also the experience of listening to a group of students encountering and digesting it, which helps to integrate the content better. Content-wise, I feel very drawn to this somatically informed character analytic work for its robust depth and the powerful and transformational therapeutic frame it provides…”
read more

— AP, San Francisco

“Through the audio CD courses, I am gaining a much better understanding of how to be effective as a therapist. I needed a flexible program that would not take too much time out of my extremely busy life. With the CDs, I can listen to them on my way to and from work, as often as I want…” read more

— MP, Petaluma, CA

Audio Courses

FREE MP3 Sampler of Dr. Frisch’s Distance Learning Courses!

The Orgonomic Institute has established a rich library of audio trainings, sometimes referred to as distance learning courses, in the area of Orgonomic Therapy for those students, professionals, and the public wishing to:

  • Receive an introduction to Wilhelm Reich’s powerful clinical approach
  • Learn the theory and clinical approach including all aspects of Orgonomic treatment
  • Integrate Dr Frisch’s method that includes instruction on object relations
  • Disorders of the Self (Masterson Group) and Jungian concepts including dream analysis that, combined, make for a comprehensive model of treatment.
  • Master Differential Diagnosis through a unique character typology that includes Reich’s types and the pregenital typology of James Masterson M.D.
  • Prepare for learning biophysical interventions
  • Engage in self-paced learning – anywhere, at anytime

Some of our training tracks offer optional live Study Group Sessions to help enhance mastery of the material, provide opportunities to engage experientially with the intervention style, and to aid in integrating the work into other paradigms. If you are interested in a study group option that is not offered for the training track in which you are interested, please let us know. We will assemble study groups when there is sufficient interest.

Those students outside of the Bay Area may have an option of participating in classes via Skype.

We appreciate your reviews so please find the button at the very bottom of the page!

Our current Audio Course library fall into these categories

CE Credit

All live and audio distance learning classes may be eligible to receive CE credit for psychologists, MFT’s and LCSW’s through CPA OPD;  and CE credit for Nurses through the Board of Registered Nursing – please contact us to see if  CE credits are available for the courses you wish to take. Dr. Patricia Frisch is approved by the CPA OPD to sponsor continuing professional education for psychologists and MFT’s/LCSW’s  in California. Dr. Patricia Frisch maintains responsibility for this program and its content. CE certificate fees for 2021 = $25/course.

Terms & Conditions

When enrolling in any live class or purchasing an audio MP3 product from FIMO, you must agree to our Terms and Conditions, a copy of which is downloadable here.

Archival Audio Courses are available for purchase to a select group of FIMO students. If you are interested in purchasing Archival Audio MP3’s, please contact to confirm your eligibility and receive instructions on how to access this secure area of our website.

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