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Additional Audio Courses

FIMO offers a growing library of additional audio courses. These dynamic audio trainings that are not part of a multi-course series. These training courses are rich with information, include non-confidential discussion and experiential coaching to hear the approach in action, and allow students to self-pace and deepen their learning to the point of mastery.

Mindfulness is a Source of Happiness

Audio recording of Dr. Patricia Frisch’s day-long retreat held on 5/15/10.
Price: $200.00
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Dr. Frisch lead a mindfulness retreat utilizing her work with Thich Nat Hanh. This audio offers Dharma talks, help with anxiety, guidance for meditation, and a talk on healthy relationships and the Beginning Anew method of unlocking the knots in relationships through this helpful technique.additional audio courses

Time: 2:20

  • Introduction
  • Dharma Talk
  • Anxiety Discussion
  • Breathing Meditation
  • Dharma Talk 2 – Living in Simplicity
  • Dharma Talk 2 – Living in the Here and Now
  • Concentration Exercise
  • Walking Meditation
  • Eating Mindfully
  • Releasing Tension
  • Beginning Anew Meditation

Live the Path of Understanding and Love

Audio recording of Dr. Patricia Frisch’s day-long retreat held on 9/11/10 in Tiburon, CA.
Price: $200.00
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This audio offers a Dharma talk on Interbeing, Crossing the Threshold into Sacred Space, Meditation and the Ringing of the Bell, Walking and Eating Meditation Instructions and other practices applicable daily to support mindfulness practices.Orgone Therapy Training courses

Time: 3:05

  • Dharma Talk on Interbeing
  • Crossing the Threshold
  • Bell of Mindfulness
  • Taking These Practices With You
  • Release of Body Tension Talk
  • Beginning Anew Talk
  • Dharma Talk on Relationship

Individual and Shared Mentoring Options:
There are individual and shared mentoring options for all our Audio Series.  Mentoring helps students enhance mastery of the material, provides opportunities to engage experientially with the intervention style, and aids in integrating the work into other paradigms. If you would like to be mentored by Dr. Patricia Frisch in an individual or shared mentoring setting, please email us and let us know.

Terms and Conditions:
When enrolling in any live class or purchasing an audio MP3 product from FIMO, you must agree to our Terms and Conditions, a copy of which is downloadable here.

Dr. Patricia Frisch has created a unique, proprietary clinical method which expands Reich’s character typology and seamlessly weaves in portions of Masterson’s theory and practice resulting in a comprehensive system for treating patients and training therapists. Her method, along with the material on this website, materials from her trainings, and Dr. Frisch’s audio MP3’s, which are copyrighted through the Library of Congress, are her sole property. Dr. Frisch’s method can only be taught with permission. Please contact FIMO directly at for permission to use the method or materials.
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