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Intermediate CD Training Courses

OINC’s 6-course intermediate CD training series is designed for students who have completed the introductory CD series or who have already completed some introductory live courses. These courses will cover more advanced concepts of the theoretical and clinical approach of Wilhelm Reich and his somatic techniques. The Masterson Group’s delineation of the Disorders of the Self will be expanded upon. Included are: focus on critical elements of the therapeutic relationship, differential character diagnosis and skill building. These training courses are rich with information, include non-confidential discussion and experiential coaching to hear the approach in action, and allow students to self-pace and deepen their learning to the point of mastery. These courses facilitate your entry into more advanced classes that include Reich’s biophysical interventions.

For a sample of Dr. Frisch teaching an Intermediate Audio Course, listen here:

The Therapist’s Tool Chest: Contact

1. Fundamentals of Reich & Masterson’s Clinical Approach.

Time: 3:51 (3.5 hrs CE Credit) Buy Now

  • Masterson: Concepts of transference as differentiated from Reich
  • Masterson: Therapeutic stance and therapeutic neutrality
  • Case Management: Balancing inner work with the patient’s adaptation to the real world
  • Managing acting out

2. Differential Diagnosis:  Masterson & Reich.

Time: 5:00 (5 hrs CE Credit) Buy Now

  • Differential Diagnosis: What to observe, case vignettes Ralph Klein
  • Disorders of the Self: Clusters Narcissistic and Schizoid not including Borderline
  • Discussion: Balancing inner work/outer adaptation: confrontation, interpretation, banter, humor, incredulity

3. Interventions: The Therapist’s Tool Chest.

Time: 3:04 (3 hrs CE Credit) Buy Now

  • Attunement, resonance and regulation
  • Interpretation, mirroring, joining, humor and bantering with an eye to differential diagnosis
  • Importance of Confrontation in all phases of treatment
  • Experiential: Fluidity of interventions, coaching, case presentation

4. Carl Jung:  Working with Dreams and the Objective Psyche.

Time: 1:49 (1.5 hrs CE Credits) Buy Now

  • Dream analysis
  • Therapeutic use of imagery: drawing and active imagination

5. Working Through Phase: Abandonment Depression and Couples Therapy.

Time: 2:43 (2.5 hrs CE Credit) Buy Now

  • Masterson: Working Through Phase – abandonment depression, triad, stages of therapy
  • Didactic: Mastersonian approach to couples, David Schnarch’s concept of differentiation and fusion
  • Experiential role play and coaching: couples therapy
  • Coaching: role play current patients
  • Reich: repressed and unsatisfied blocks
  • Case supervision

6. Talionic Impulse in Treatment; Anal Character Types & Characteranalytic Couples Therapy.

Time: 2:24 (2 hrs CE Credit) Buy Now

  • Masterson: Talionic Impulse in Treatment
  • Presentations: Articulating your clinical approach: theory and practice or challenges of practice.
  • Masterson: Therapy with a narcissistic couple
  • Experiential: Couples therapy
  • Reich: Anal character types
  • Case supervision

Intermediate Audio Series CD’s : Individual CD Courses: $200 each

Package pricing for Intermediate CD’s:

Package A contains CD’s 1-3: $500 ($100 discount) Buy Now
Package B contains CD’s 4-6: $500 ($100 discount) Buy Now

*Plus shipping, handling, and applicable taxes.

Individual and Shared Mentoring Options:
There are individual and shared mentoring options for all our Audio Series.  Mentoring helps students enhance mastery of the material, provides opportunities to engage experientially with the intervention style, and aids in integrating the work into other paradigms. If you would like to be mentored by Dr. Patricia Frisch in an individual or shared mentoring setting, please email us and let us know.

Students wishing to study the Intermediate CD Training Series must be licensed health professionals or students on track for licensure. It is highly recommended that students taking the Intermediate CD Training Series complete the Introductory CD Training Series first or participate in live classes and private mentorship with Dr. Frisch or accredited OINC clinicians.

CE Credit:
All live and audio distance learning classes may be eligible to receive CE credit for psychologists through CPA OPD. The Board of Behavioral Sciences recognizes CE Credits offered through CPA for the license renewals of MFT’s and LCSW’s. Nurses should contact us to see if CE credits are available for the courses they wish to take. Dr. Patricia Frisch is approved by the CPA OPD to sponsor continuing professional education for psychologists in California. Dr. Patricia Frisch maintains responsibility for this program and its content. CE certificate fees for 2016 = $20/course.

Terms and Conditions:
When enrolling in any live class or purchasing an audio CD product from OINC, you must agree to our Terms and Conditions, a copy of which is downloadable here.


Dr. Patricia Frisch has created a unique, proprietary clinical method which expands Reich’s character typology and seamlessly weaves in portions of Masterson’s theory and practice resulting in a comprehensive system for treating patients and training therapists. Her method, along with the material on this website, materials from her trainings, and Dr. Frisch’s audio CD’s, which are copyrighted through the Library of Congress, are her sole property. Dr. Frisch’s method can only be taught with her permission. Please contact her directly at for permission to use her method or materials.
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