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How to Get Start from CanadaPharmacyMedOnline

Canadian Pharmacy

Switching to a Canadian pharmacy is the right move for several reasons. Prices are just one of the major ones. Those in line with drug-related news must know that the US has much higher prices than Canada. Certain drugs in specific, like Cialis and Priligy, are affected by government regulations, resulting in three times the cost when you buy them from a US pharmacy.

Hold on if you are jumping to your car to drive to Canada and buy the cheapest generics. CanadaPharmacyMedOnline is an online drug store providing several meds at competitive prices. You won’t need to revisit your nearest pharmacy, neither pay royalties to the pharmaceutical companies. Get a next-day delivery from a Canadian pharmacy at the lowest cost without any risk.

Canadian Drug Prizes vs. the USA

We could go on and create a drug comparison table for you, highlighting the prizes at US drug stores and our Canadian pharmacy. We don’t, though, as you would probably think we are trying to scam you. Instead, we will explain why drug prices differ so much in the US and Canada.

The Canadian Government is in charge of regulating drug prices, which is often in line with other countries’ pricelists, indifferently to whether the two countries’ economic conditions differ. In contrast, US drug stores can act at their discretion and decide what price to set for each drug. According to the market, they could increase or decrease costs. The outcome of this free-market model? The US drugstores have some of the highest prices for most drugs.

The majority of people living in Canada know how prevalent it is for US citizens to travel abroad to buy drugs. The above highlights the reason that has led to this trend, and our Canadian pharmacy is here to help.

Saving Money Shopping Drugs Online at Our Pharmacy

Unlike most other Canadian pharmacies, our primary goal is to satisfy our customers and find new ones to maintain our profit margin, besides our low-cost business model. Why do we take this approach? So that any individual can access essential drugs indifferently to their location.

Don’t you believe us? Just tap on our online drug catalog and scan through the prices. You will see that certain drugs we sell are 90% lower in price compared to your local drug store. Impressed? Let us explain how we manage to save you money on drugs and still profit.

First off, we are an online drugstore with much lower day-to-day costs. For example, we pay no rent for a physical pharmacy, just for a warehouse to store the drugs. We also have a massive number of orders, which saves us on shipping costs. This client base also helps us secure huge deals with pharma companies, providing us discounts due to a more significant order number.

As a result, we can source you with various drugs at a lower cost. When we get a discount of 40%, we can then sell you drugs at a lower price. Further, our loyal customers receive additional discounts and services to help them keep track of their orders and always receive the help they need.

Who are We?

Since the 90s, our founder was able to see forward and realize the future business model for most industries, the Internet. Despite the complicated regulations and laws, we set up an online drugstore that has successfully operated for over twenty years.

Today, we have secured millions of long-standing customers that turn to us for their drugs. Thanks to them, we have secured industry bonds, allowing us to expand further and help more people find generics and other drugs at a lower cost.

CanadaPharmacyMedOnline has been a pioneer, but our KPIs and company goals are set to help you. We consider new trends and the needs of our customers constantly to adjust our services while always putting safety first.

Generics from Canadian Pharmacies

Are you aware of generics? If not, you live in the US, whereby all drugstores are focused on profit and not the customer needs.

To begin with, generics are drugs identical to branded medicines, offering the same effects and benefits. The difference with generics is that they are developed by other companies and not the original pioneer of a particular drug. Companies can only create a generic branded drug decades after its release, making them more accessible to the general public.

Using a generic or the original drug is essentially the same for the patient since both are approved for providing the same perks. Also, both go through the same safety checks and regulations. Generics might also come in different forms due to the years that have passed and the pharma tech that has been introduced in the meantime.

An example of a branded drug is Viagra, with Cialis being one of the generics with the same effects. Or, to be exact, Cialis has been proven to have better outcomes.

Therefore, buying generics from Canadian pharmacies might not only be cheaper but could also bring better effects.

Placing an Online Order at Canadian Pharmacy

If you read so far, you are probably wondering – where do I sign? No worries, we have made it easy for US citizens to shop drugs online from Canadian pharmacy. You can easily tap on our list of drugs directly on this site and place your order.

Alternatively, you can download our Android or iOS app to place an order from your mobile device. Loyal customers will receive additional discounts on drugs, which are already much cheaper from US drugstores. Bookmark our page and join the expanding list of US patients shopping online from a Canadian pharmacy.

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