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Welcome to the Modern Orgonomy Method

“Why Modern Orgonomy?”

hysterical character,

Modern Orgonomy is an outgrowth of the current therapeutic call to harness the power of Character work and Biophysical Interventions in these treacherous modern times. Character work is a distinctive, enlivened form of therapy that softens and dismantles the rigidified armoring born from coping strategies due to chronic misattunement, neglect and/or trauma and adversity. Biophysical Interventions work directly with the body to dissolve blockages from head to the pelvis while vitalizing respiration. As our capacity to sustain increased respiratory expansion builds, long-suppressed emotions can make their way to the surface to be worked through and resolved.

We have historically defined Orgonomy as the full field of Reich’s therapeutic work inclusive of Character Analysis and Biophysical Interventions. Reich’s Character types masterfully concentrated on the post-Oedipal neurotic presentation. Modern Orgomomy updates Reich’s character typology to include the pre-Oedipal stage of development, referenced by Reich as the “Oral Character”. We now understand the nature of the Oral Character through research in developmental psychology delineated by Masterson and his extensive work on Disorders of the Self. In tune with James Masterson’s seminal work, Modern Orgonomy embraces the full spectrum of Character Development and Attachment through all stages of development.

Modern Orgonomy integrates Jungian Psychology and Mindfulness to access the rich terrain of the personal and collective subconscious; a fundamental therapeutic means to facilitate the emergence of the real self. Bridging Character work with Jungian Depth work provides a comprehensive therapeutic process that takes one from the false armored self to the spontaneous and creative expression that is the real self.

January 2021 – Therapy: Vehicle of Transformation

emotional crisis

We continue to struggle, digging deeper into the muck of death, yet we can see light in the distance. We are now in 2021 between light and darkness. We have mounting deaths nipping at our heels as we try to stay safe by hiding, while each of us has our own brand of haunting risks to deal with.  But wait!  The vaccines are tantalizingly close. What a strange reality: liberation so close while we fend off death closing in on the other side.

We are in constant emotional crisis swinging from one mood to another. We feel a sense of constriction, what Reich called character- and body-armoring: the feeling of being in a vise grip – tight necks, tight shoulders, constricted in our belly, closed in, accident-prone, tripping, falling, twisting knees. We lack balance.

Loneliness stalks us, an extreme sense of isolation; sheer pain as we are limited, the pod tightens and we so miss friends and family. For all of us are adrift in the swelter of light and dark. Is liberation coming soon?

In my second book to be published in 2021, Psychotherapy Solution in Troubled Times: Create a Better Life Now, I suggest that professional guidance can help us balance this myriad of feelings. Here is a passage:

Therapy: Vehicle of Transformation

Therapy is a stabilizing, focused path that ensures transformation if you stick with it and take it seriously. As you can see from the examples above, you can enter therapy through the easy access door marked CHOOSE THIS OPTION – a choice to take full responsibility for your life through self-examination, honest assessment, and willingness to face into the darkness and expand to meet the lightest of feelings. The process defines a course of development that takes you beyond your current status quo, entertains a multitude of options and deepens your experience with the mysteries your life may offer.

The other option you might end-up with is crashing through the therapist’s door headfirst! (Frisch, 2021)
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