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Reich on the inextricable link between body and mind

“Just as all emotions and reactions in life spring from and correspond to organ sensations and expressive movements; just as the living organism forms ideas of its surrounding world from impressions it derives from the expressions of the world around it; so all emotions, reactions and ideas of the armored organism are conditioned by its own state of motility and expression.“


“Thank you for sharing your personal insight and clinical expertise… We have found this training to be very useful as we begin our journey as intern clinicians at CIP. You are a fabulous speaker, entertaining, and we’d love to have you back!” (click here for full text of testimonial letter)
– Community Institute for Psychotherapy, San Rafael, CA.

“I feel lucky and inspired to have my work as a therapist informed by the teachings of Wilhelm Reich. It bridges the huge gap I feel is often left unaddressed by other theories. Supervision with Dr. Frisch is thought-provoking and challenging. The breadth and depth of her experience brings a high level of inspired dialogue and training to the supervision. I always leave with a renewed aliveness and commitment to bring to my client sessions. Probably the single most meaningful aspect to the supervision for me is honing in on the skills required to deepen the contact in the relationship between client and therapist, and the healing that comes from that unique connection. Dr. Frisch is exquisitely attuned to the necessity of this connection and at providing the training in supervision to help us access this connection with our own clients.”
– Adrienne Hart, MFT, San Rafael, CA

“As you know, these trainings were emotional for many of us, and though the material that arose was sometimes challenging, working through it as a group helped us to not only feel less anxious about this work, but also able to empathize more with how our clients feel while sitting with us. We are grateful for your expertise and willingness to work with us as we navigated these sometimes highly-charged waters. 11/12, The Community Institute of Psychotherapy.” Click here for the full text of the testimonial letter.

Feedback from our Clinical Training Program for Professionals

“Dr. Frisch’s decades of experience, her case management practices, and her knowledge of character analysis, Reich’s theories, Masterson’s theories, Jung’s theories, and the business of therapy – as well as her enthusiasm for the work – is always present. Her development of the workshop material and her ability to dynamically adjust is masterful.”

“The most valuable parts of this training were the experiences when character structure filled out into structures of humans, and discovering what this looks like in myself and others I know – and this wasn’t just theoretical.”

“It was a great learning opportunity to use our own private material so that we could understand how to do tracking and think about the most effective interventions.” “I found the role-playing, experiential work, clinical supervision and clinical coaching all very effective teaching methods.”

“It was very valuable to learn HOW to read my clients better, how to respond better, and what in me is in the way of both of these processes.”

“After each training with Dr. Frisch, I experience a renewed, fresh ability to work with patients.”

“As a result of this training, I find that I am a lot more observant of clients and their physical state and facade. I want to take more risks with my responses in order to increase client contact and resonance.”

“Dr. Frisch has patience and non-judgemental attitudes with each of our learning processes. I felt very fortunate to have been engaged in this learning experience with her.”

Classes for Mental Health Professionals: Professional Training in Dr. Frisch’s Method and Wilhelm Reich’s Orgonomic Bio-Psychotherapy

Be the Instrument of Change

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Watch Dr. Patricia Frisch Introduce Orgonomic Therapy

Watch: Dr. Patricia Frisch Welcomes Mental Health Professionals as Students
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Dr. Frisch’s Training classes for mental health professionals are a comprehensive theoretical and clinical method that teaches the clinician a concise diagnostic typology of character types and its corollary biophysical codification of segmental character armoring. It includes a working model of how to engage specific character types effectively, set a clear therapeutic frame, and work effectively with defenses such that deeper insight and affect can be discovered. The method teaches intervention skills finely tuned to the patient. The method is applicable to a wide range of clinical disorders including patients with extensive trauma.

Recent advances in neuroscience demonstrate that our earliest attachment experiences in infancy radically affect the development of the brain with major ramifications on our entire ability to function. The mind/body connection is profound and as professionals we can intervene to repair the ruptures in self-regulation that occur at the deepest levels.

Classes for Mental Health ProfessionalsDr. Frisch’s method integrates the theories of the Masterson Group (James Masterson M.D.) and the character types of the Disorders of the Self to provide a comprehensive character typology that includes preoedipal attachment disorders, into Reich’s schema of neurotic types. She also integrates Carl Jung’s concepts in order to provide extensive understanding of the unconscious and give clear directions in dream analysis.

Learning the Method

Reich’s theory connects the character structure with the individual’s physical/energetic system. Understanding the various characterological patterns is the first step in developing an effective treatment strategy. These patterns can be seen through both Reich’s and Masterson’s lenses to correctly delineate patients’ most important characteristics. Then, specific interventions can help the client in the here and now to see and dismantle their unique defensive styles and penetrate underneath those defenses to the various layers of memory and feeling. The somatic interventions of deep massage, facilitation of natural respiration, and expressive exercises assist the release of the functionally identical muscular armoring and allow the body to experience and express the emotions held within repressed memories. The patient can then experience diminished symptoms, an expanded energetic function and, therefore, more contentment. The Self, or core, can be accessed and a more authentic, creative life of expression is possible.

Clinicians are the instrument of change. The training insists that to facilitate deep psychological work with others, clinicians must face their own personal material. Our therapeutic skill depends on our honest self-awareness and emotional/energetic openness. FIMO encourages therapists interested in learning and practicing this model to be in Orgonomic treatment with an accredited Orgonomist.

Trainings offer live patient demonstration on bodywork and couples therapy.

Click to hear WRNW radio’s interview of Dr. Frisch
as she talks about Reichian/Orgonomic Therapy

FIMO offers live and distance learning options for mental health professionals wishing to be trained in Orgonomy and Dr Frisch’s Unique Synthesis.

Join other students and professionals in a collegial environment with didactic lectures, stimulating discussion, experiential practicum with coaching, and supervised case presentations. We offer:

Live Classes

Audio Courses: Many of FIMO’s courses for mental health professionals have been recorded and are now available to various audiences for purchase. Audio course training tracks include:

Live Independent Study Path or Online Coaching: U.S. and International students now have an opportunity to learn Orgonomy, the classical theoretical foundation of somatic psychology, through distance learning courses and private mentorship through FIMO’s Independent Study Path.

Practice Consultation: Dr. Patricia Frisch, FIMO’s Executive Director, has over two decades of experience in helping professionals develop the skill sets and business strategies that help them achieve success in their private practices.

Our trainings include:

  • Education in character development, character diagnosis as it relates to developmental issues
  • Treatment of chronic personality disorders and other psychological conditions
  • Restructuring of the character and its biophysical corollary
  • The therapeutic relationship: transference and working with the resistant patient, establishing resonance, right brain to right brain communication
  • Dream analysis, active imagination and expressive art therapy
  • Training in characteranalysis, including:
    • Learning how to facilitate characteranalytic group therapy
    • Couples and family therapy
    • Interventions in the here and now that engage the patient where he/she is
  • Live patient demonstrations on bodywork and couples therapy

Successful completion of FIMO programs leads to Accreditation in Orgonomy. To learn more about our Accreditation Standards click here.



Dr. Patricia Frisch has created a unique, proprietary clinical method which expands Reich’s character typology and seamlessly weaves in portions of Masterson’s theory and practice resulting in a comprehensive system for treating patients and training therapists. Her method, along with the material on this website, materials from her trainings, and Dr. Frisch’s audio MP3’s, which are copyrighted through the Library of Congress, are her sole property. Dr. Frisch’s method can only be taught with her permission. Please contact her directly at for permission to use her method or materials.
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