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Standards for Accreditation in Orgonomy/
Dr. Frisch’s Method

The Orgonomic Institute of Northern California (OINC) is the responsible body whose primary function is training Orgonomists, setting the standards and assessing qualification to practice orgonomic psychology. Accreditation in Orgonomy requires candidates to attend and complete graduate training, clinical internships and be licensed to practice as Psychologist, Psy.D, MFT, LCSW, RN.

The clinician must undergo and complete characterlogical and biophysical treatment under an accredited Orgonomist. Further the student must receive at least four years of didactic and experiential instruction and consistent clinical supervision by a qualified Orgonomist. The student must have a comprehensive understanding of the entire method, its theory and practice as taught and determined within OINC.

Training in Orgonomy/Dr. Frisch’s Unique Model for Clinicians

The Orgonomic Institute of Northern California offers training in Dr. Frisch’s method: a soup to nuts comprehensive approach on how to do therapy for qualified therapists and clinicians. The fundamentals of Orgonomy:  clinical assessment of character structure, character analysis, orgone therapy are synthesized with Masterson’s Disorder of the Self typology and Jungian dream analysis. Training consists of personal characteranalytic and biophysical therapy, didactic information, clinical seminars and clinical case supervision. The method includes an amplification of the work of Wilhelm Reich to include later research and theory that amplifies Reich’s character typology. The program was established by Patricia Frisch Ph.D. and Richard Blasband M.D. The training program, in its entirety and including accreditation, is designed and conducted by Patricia Frisch Ph.D.

Dr. Patricia Frisch has created a unique, proprietary clinical method which expands Reich’s character typology and seamlessly weaves in portions of Masterson’s theory and practice resulting in a comprehensive system for treating patients and training therapists. Her method, along with the material on this website, materials from her trainings, and Dr. Frisch’s audio CD’s, which are copyrighted through the Library of Congress, are her sole property. Dr. Frisch’s method can only be taught with her permission. Please contact her directly at for permission to use her method or materials.
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