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Accredited Orgonomists

Students at The Orgonomic Institute of Northern California who successfully complete all coursework and demonstrate mastery at all levels of our training: Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced, and Biophysical, become Accredited Orgonomists through the Institute. Mastery takes several years of study with Dr. Patricia Frisch, which includes a heavy experiential component in which the student’s characteranalytic, diagnostic, verbal therapy interventions, and biophysical intervention skills are cultivated and continually assessed.

We highly recommend these distinguished professionals:

Diane Harnish, Ph.D., Novato, California, 415-924-4252
Adrienne Hart, MFT, San Rafael, California, 415-257-4046
Peter Moore, MFT, Eureka, California, 707-442-7228
Olivia Parrish, R.N., Novato, California, 707-206-2943
Andrea Pinkerton, Psy.D., Novato, California, 415-686-7364
Susan Arndt, LMFT, Novato, CA, 415-755-7818
Inge Martin, MFC, Berkeley, San Francisco, San Ramon, CA, 415-450-8887
Yuko Ninomiya, Psy.D., San Francisco, CA, 415-682-4525
Stacy Sharlet, D.C., MA, Bend, OR, 541-410-7252

Dr. Patricia Frisch, who is in Mill Valley, California, also has a very active practice and occasionally has openings in her schedule. To inquire about open spots or join her waiting list, call 415-388-0622.

Dr. Patricia Frisch has created a unique, proprietary clinical method which expands Reich’s character typology and seamlessly weaves in portions of Masterson’s theory and practice resulting in a comprehensive system for treating patients and training therapists. Her method, along with the material on this website, materials from her trainings, and Dr. Frisch’s audio CD’s, are her sole property. Dr. Frisch’s method can only be taught with her permission. Please contact her directly at for permission to use her method or materials.
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