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Online Coaching for Healthcare & Mental Health Professionals

online coaching programs

Online Coaching – Health Care Professionals

Nurses, physicians, physical therapists, and other licensed professionals

Option 1 – Group Coaching

8 weekly webinars: 1.5 hour each (preview concepts)

Prerequisite: Read the Book

This option is designed to discuss important concepts and learn more about Dr. Frisch’s method.

Discuss important themes applicable to health care professionals, such as:
  • Understanding Character Styles
  • Working with Non-compliant or Difficult Patients
  • Questions and answers
At the end of 8 weeks, you will be able to:
  • Track and observe your patients
  • Understand your patients better through the lens of character style
  • Respond effectively to various types of patients

This interactive group setting will consist of 6-10 members and will be 1 hr 30 min in length.

Participants can pick the chapters they want to focus on or chapters can be assigned progressively. The group can decide on the direction it wants to take to get the most out of the book.

A private membership page will be available exclusively to book discussion participants! You will get access to additional resources and our weekly agenda.

If you are looking for an interesting exchange on the book’s concepts, join us for a lively discussion with Dr. Frisch.

This program is a wonderful way to learn through sharing the material with the others. You will present cases and discuss the other’s cases which increases your diagnostic skills. Papers are submitted on the assigned topics and you learn from each interpretation of the material. Working solo in isolation is not the best way to learn this method.

Dr Frisch encourages you to join with a group and bond with the members. If you continue together it becomes a meaningful committed group that is both rewarding and supportive and after 8 weeks you will have greater understanding and potentially more interest in these topics and the Method.

Start Date: To be determined

Price: $1,000 paid in full, or $125 per week for 8 weeks.

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Dr. Frisch’s program offers clinicians a path towards deep and enduring compassion. Reich described humans in terms of three core emotions – love, anxiety and aggression. Compassion is an manifestation of love. For its true expression, it requires a medium in which to grow. Dr Frisch’s synthesis of the works of Wilhelm Reich, Masterson, and Jung provides such a medium. This is not a paint by number enterprise; it requires much of practitioners. The learning process itself is as much a caldron as a learning environment. As wounded healers, our strength lies in our capacity to heal and grow  ourselves. No perfection is required, but rigorous honesty and humility are. This allows us to provide our patients with a life-enhancing medium in which they can grow in compassion and personal integrity, therefore discovering their true selves. Dr. Frisch’s synthesis provides the theoretical frame in which to do such work.
— Susan A.

Online Coaching – Mental Health Professionals

Licensed psychologists, MFTs, psychiatrists, LCSWs and counselors

Option 1 – Book Discussion Group: Important Themes

8 sessions: 1-1/2 hour each (preview concepts)

Prerequisite: Read the Book

This option is designed to discuss important concepts and learn more about Dr. Frisch’s method.

What you will learn:
  • Introduction to Basics of Reich
  • Introduction to Character Types and Character Analysis
  • Application of Masterson Personality Types
  • Initial skill development
  • Setting the Frame
  • Case Supervision
  • Questions and Answers
At the end of 8 weeks, you will be able to:
  • View patients through the lens of character
  • Track and intervene with observations
  • Apply basic skills of character analytic intervention
  • Set the frame when patients start treatment and sustain it.

Start Date: To be determined

Price: $1,000 paid in full, or $125 per week for 8 weeks.

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Learning the Method in a Progressive Structured Format
My experience of the Coaching Program facilitated by Dr. Frisch is unparalleled to any other therapeutic training I have received thus far. Her energetic vibrancy and intellectual brilliance are contagious within classes; this allows her particular well of knowledge and experience to be conveyed easefully, with exactness, and with a unique articulation of her mastered skills. Through coaching, she demonstrates a unique ability to articulate specific theoretical models, while simultaneously being able to integrate her personal method, without sacrificing the integrity of either. I am learning the concepts of ‘character’ and ‘personality’ – in their biophysical-expressions and the intrapsychic structures. I feel the most learning comes through the method of coaching classes themselves. Dr. Frisch uses a structured curriculum along with an ability to fluidly respond to the particular class and its members – as they present themselves – personally in each class. Along with the theoretical understandings that I am gaining, I am experiencing my own personal-growth heightening. If I could pick one area of learning from the coaching that is most significant to me as a counselor, it would be the centrality of what Wilhelm Reich calls contact. Again, and again, Dr. Frisch demonstrates this most essential therapeutic process of embodied relating self and other. Personally, I am learning that being in contact is what allows the unfolding of the therapeutic process at the deepest levels. This aspect of Dr. Frisch’s Method not only illumines the character-structures and defense-mechanisms of the patient but enables one to simultaneously touch that which is most real and alive within the person moment by moment. In that vein, I look forward to continued participation in the further levels of coaching offered by Dr. Frisch and the FIMO.
— Brian Buczynski

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