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SAGE Encyclopedia with Dr. Frisch’s Chapter on Orgonomy, Now Available!

This 1200-page, two-volume Encyclopedia of Theory in Counseling and Psychotherapy has just been published and includes a chapter written by Dr. Patricia Frisch on Orgonomy (Reichian Therapy). The Encyclopedia contains information on a myriad of topics from the beginnings of counseling to contemporary psychotherapy. Wilhelm Reich, the father of Somatic Psychology, created a discipline called Orgonomy and Dr. Frisch outlines his contributions, including characteranalysis, insights on human sexuality and child rearing, and his comprehensive clinical mind-body approach.

As a compliment to the Encyclopedia, SAGE Publications Ltd., through their SAGE Video collection, has published a video titled Orgonomy, in which Dr. Frisch introduces the audience to various aspects of this powerful form of therapy.

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