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Audio Course Testimonials

“I found working with the CD and attending the class valuable. In working with the CD I was able to listen and re-listen, take notes and integrate the information in a different way. I could spend as much time as I needed and listen to it when time allowed. It is a great tool for my learning and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who wishes to embrace this complex and rich material.”

— Stacy S., Bend, OR

“The breadth of knowledge Dr. Frisch brings to working therapeutically with people allows her to go deep with each and every patient, revealing the true character and uncovering the layers of conflict, issues, and wounding. She is masterful at quickly honing in on each individual’s character type and working uniquely with them in a firm, straightforward, yet caring and nurturing way which facilitates her patient’s abilities to deepen contact with themselves and move towards change.

The passion that Dr. Frisch has for this work is present in every teaching and supervising session. I come away from each session filled with a deeper sense of the work- theoretical and practical, but mostly inspired by the ways in which attuning to and deepening the connection with the patient take place. Dr. Frisch is fervently mindful of the necessity of this connection for healing to occur, and exemplifies this organic process.

My work as a psychotherapist has been and continues to be intensely informed by my studies with Dr. Frisch. I feel quite fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her as a teacher, augmenting my own personal growth and expanding my ability to be the instrument of change with my patients.”

— Susan L. Mill Valley, CA

“There is a lot of important information contained in the audio courses, and there is also the experience of listening to a group of students encountering and digesting it, which helps to integrate the content better. Content-wise, I feel very drawn to this somatically informed character analytic work for its robust depth and the powerful and transformational therapeutic frame it provides. I now feel like I know what I should be doing with clients and how to do it, though the process of developing mastery will take many years. In short, I feel a developing clarity, confidence, and sense of competency in my practice.”

— AP, San Francisco

“Through the audio CD courses, I am gaining a much better understanding of how to be effective as a therapist. I needed a flexible program that would not take too much time out of my extremely busy life. With the CDs, I can listen to them on my way to and from work, as often as I want. Something interesting about the CD courses is that when I listen to them a second time, I pick up so many things that I missed the first time through. My favorite part about the CD’s is when Dr. Frisch supervises a role play between therapist and client. She explains why and how each intervention might be of use.”

— MP, Petaluma, CA

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