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Whole Therapist, Whole Patient:
Integrating Reich, Masterson, and Jung in Modern Psychotherapy

by Routledge/Taylor & Francis
Foreword by Judith Pearson, Director, The International Masterson Institute!

Dr. Patricia Frisch’s book is a must-read guidebook for psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health and medical professionals. Anyone interested in psychology, personality or character types, verbal analysis, and somatic approaches will enjoy her lively discussion. It includes an easy-to-read, step-by-step methodology for treating the whole patient while supporting the whole therapist. The reader is introduced to Wilhelm Reich, the father of somatic psychology and character analysis, James Masterson M.D. and Carl Jung. Dr. Frisch’s innovative method integrates these theoreticians for the first time, creating a clear typology of character types that can be utilized as a handy guide to understanding yourself and your patients.

Whole Therapist, Whole Patient is filled with tools and techniques for therapists, instructions on dream analysis, case management, working with difficult patients and much more. Dr. Frisch’s guidance includes instructions from the first phone call to termination and is an excellent choice for beginning therapists as well as mature clinicians who want to improve their game. Dr. Frisch has a unique approach that captures the essence of the patient in the first sessions. She teaches her direct style of intervention that encapsulates dynamics in a forthright way allowing patients to grasp the essence of their problematic style. Therapy gets off to a dynamic start rather than meandering down the tired trail of storytelling.

Foreword by Judith Pearson, Director, The International Masterson Institute

I am honored to write a foreword to what I, to my great pleasure, discovered to be a remarkable and aptly titled book. As I delved into Whole Therapist-Whole Patient, I knew I had encountered an eminently sane, organized and thoughtful primer on the proper approach to the practice of psychotherapy. At the same time I also realized that a book of this breadth and depth could only have been written by a seasoned therapist who was herself an intelligent, compassionate and fully integrated human being.

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Watch Dr. Frisch’s Interview about Whole Therapist, Whole Patient:
Integrating Reich, Masterson, and Jung in Modern Psychotherapy

Dr. Frisch wakes us up with her straight forward writing in this masterful combination of 3 great theorists: Wilhelm Reich’s Character Analysis, Dr Masterson’s Early Childhood Development, and Carl Jung’s Dream Analysis.

Dr Frisch’s earthy style in person as well as in her book allows the reader to experience such deep concepts as armor, presence, and contact – making way for a change in the direction of our life.

After reading the chapter on Dream Analysis – in her online book club group-  I could access my dreams on a regular basis.  This was a powerful take away for me as I had struggled for years to have a Dream life – collecting a small library of books on how to dream without success. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in change of any kind!

~ Barbara A
Teacher of the Alexander Technique

“My name is Denisa and I work as a young therapist in Bucharest, România. I saw a sample of your book and I find it very precious and resourceful. I think it will help a lot of practitioners and clients.”

~ Denisa Neascu

“I’m really appreciating how accessible the material is, & how well it is laid out. The examples are short and right to your point. Digestible morsels!  I’m really grateful to have this book!”

~ Diane H., PhD
Novato, CA

“I love your book, by the way — clear, concise, and I’m still digging into it.”

~ Andy Towlen, DC, MSW, RST
Amherst, CT

Whole Therapist, Whole Patient
Presentation & Book Signing Event on Video

Watch this video of Dr. Trisch’s book event February 24, 2018 at Book Passage, Corte Madera. It was a wonderful experience sharing excerpts and engaging with audience questions. I also enjoyed the book signing as I heard comments and reactions from friends, old colleagues and patients.

I really really enjoyed watching your Book Event video. I loved seeing all of you up there. I always thought your work was amazing, that there was great depth and insight to your knowledge and skills, but I had no idea the extent of the depth and breadth. I so admire your many talents – all the studying, observing, putting together, writing and whatever else that went in to the creating and articulating of your method. I am in awe. It is a beautiful thing. And to watch you up there, sharing, celebrating, loving, acknowledging, breathing…! Beautiful!

Congratulations on the amazing accomplishment and contribution!!

With love,
Lisa C.


  • Dr. Frisch was interviewed by Dr. Foojan Zeine. Dr. Zeine is a member of the California Psychological Association LinkedIn group and her podcast is entitled InnerVoice. Dr. Frisch was interviewed on October 15, 2018. You can listen to the recording here or YouTube here.
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