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Whole Therapist, Whole Patient
Presentation & Book Signing Event on Video

Watch this video of my recent book event February 24 at Book Passage, Corte Madera. It was a wonderful experience sharing excerpts and engaging with audience questions. I also enjoyed the book signing as I heard comments and reactions from friends, old colleagues and patients. Please share your reactions with me through email, LinkedIn and/or post to my Facebook business page.

I really really enjoyed watching your Book Event video. I loved seeing all of you up there. I always thought your work was amazing, that there was great depth and insight to your knowledge and skills, but I had no idea the extent of the depth and breadth. I so admire your many talents – all the studying, observing, putting together, writing and whatever else that went in to the creating and articulating of your method. I am in awe. It is a beautiful thing. And to watch you up there, sharing, celebrating, loving, acknowledging, breathing…! Beautiful!

Congratulations on the amazing accomplishment and contribution!!

With love,
Lisa C.

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