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Online Interactive Book Discussion with Dr. Patricia Frisch

Whole Therapist, Whole Patient: Integrating Reich, Masterson, and Jung in Modern Psychotherapy

Please check back for information on future book discussion group sessions.

Information about the Interactive Book Club:
This online video program (using the Zoom conference tool) is designed for all audiences and will focus on the following:

Each session will have its own theme and discussion around this topic, along with assignments and assigned readings.

Participants can be patients, interested public, therapists, or healthcare professionals.

The objectives of our Interactive Book Discussion Group include the following:

  • Study specific chapters in an organized way to enhance your experience of the material.
  • With group interaction around topics, ideas can be clarified and concepts solidified.
  • Group participation allows for maximum participation: all suggestions/concerns can be discussed in session or through email exchanges.
  • Increase your depth of knowledge by suggested topics and questions that are shared with the group.
  • Create a safe space for questions and answers.

This interactive group setting will consist of 6-10 members and will be 1hr 15 min in length.

Private membership pages will be available exclusively to book discussion participants! You will get access to additional resources and our weekly agenda.

“Dr. Patricia Frisch’s course is an educational joy. Learning the material presented in her book Whole Therapist Whole Patient is just the beginning. Her didactic took life in the class as we learned to discipline ourselves in the method of dream analysis, the pacing, listening deeply to the dreamer’s associations, the arc of the dream. Emphasis also was to open our intuition, allowing the numinal space generated to take us to present sensations and connections pivotal to understanding the dream for that dreamer. Dr. Frisch expertly navigated the vulnerabilities felt by both the dreamer and the practicing analyst. The class cohered as an interactive, bonded group of students and instructor. At the end of the course, group consensus was an eagerness to extend our learning and experience with dream analysis.

We look forward to another course of study in the future.  Inspiring and enlightening!”

– Olivia Parrish
“Excellent series. Giving the reverence due to the dream world and the messages contained in them. And most importantly a dynamic and interactive process centered around practicing how to work with the dream material to uncover the meaning. A deep and rewarding group and process. Thank you!”
– Adrienne Hart
“An excellent read! Dr. Frisch is able to explain Reich, Masterson and Jung’s theories in a simple and relevant way. As a seasoned therapist, I feel that have learned from Dr. Frisch’s book. The book is clear, practical and easy to read. I highly recommend Whole Therapist, Whole Patient to patients and clinicians alike.”
– Dr. Shlomit Gross

“Almost all the books from Reichian derived therapies are either dumbed down or wrong interpretations of Reich’s theories or both!

The density shows that you are a master of the material and it’s natural to you to have such depth of knowledge. It’s a true textbook.

I was just reading a review of a new book by a researcher of psychoanalysis. And he was saying that the reason psychoanalysis is dying today is because Freudian’s etc never bother to defend their work in a scientific way as with other methodologies.

And your method updates Reich w the modern theories etc. — invaluable.

Just a quick note to you in case your thinking you should have simplified it. The depth of material is what allows us to keep going back and reading and learning and expanding.”

– Brian Buczynski

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