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On Demand Webinar with Dr. Patricia Frisch!

Whole Therapist, Whole Patient: Integrating Reich, Masterson, and Jung in Modern Psychotherapy

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Insight into Dr. Frisch’s method and why she developed it
  • Why Reich’s work is important and why it plays an integral role in modern day psychology
  • The purpose of the book and how healthcare and mental health professionals can implement new ideas in to their own practice
  • An overview of Dr. Frisch’s new coaching and interactive book discussion programs
  • And explore the many other topics Dr. Frisch includes in this must have guide book!

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Coaching Programs

Interactive Group or Independent Study
Self-Paced Study options designed
for all healthcare professionals

Interactive Discussion

Interactive Book Discussion
with Dr. Frisch
Designed for general audiences

Book Main Page

General information about
Dr. Frisch’s Book and
introductory video

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