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Struggles in the New Year

The New Year in California started with a continued deluge of rain, which brought heavenly moisture to our dry land and dry bones — and has caused some to feel soggy, cold and constricted.

The New Year also brought chaos on the political front with an endless bombardment of controversial executive orders reflecting a lack of circumspect and prudent leadership and stabilizing governance in a time of transition for our divided country. There has been little collaboration with other governmental department heads, or experienced qualified others – even the President’s Cabinet – thus appropriate dialogue that encourages civil and community discourse has not occurred. Rather, announcements resulting in cataclysmic change have caused chaos, fear and shock waves across the globe. The President continues to exhibit his significant personality disorder discussed in my post titled A View of Character – The President-Elect, and his impairments dominant the stage and result in faulty leadership on all fronts. The press continues to observe and report even though attempts are made to suppress what doesn’t compliment the leader’s frail ego.

No matter what your political beliefs are or your identified political party might be, an orderly, respectful governance is the minimum required for a stable society – one that unifies rather than further divides.

Many in our communities feel unhinged by these autocratic actions and are suffering from anxiety, anger, helplessness and a variety of physical and mental symptoms. Some are protesting peacefully and making statements about what they disagree with — always an important option in democratic societies. This activation is extremely helpful in channeling personal power.

Let us slow down, take a breath and give ourselves space to digest this disquieting news. Let us turn to a promise to maintain our mental and physical regulation so we can be active in determining the world we want to live in and the values we embrace. We cannot be engaged and contribute our best efforts if we are mentally shaken.

As we move toward light and Spring let us hold on to the values we cherish: tolerance, civility, respect and activism in support for our democracy, kindness to others and fierce participation.

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