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Coaching for Mental Health Professionals

Coming Soon: March 2018

Learning the Method in a Progressive Structured Format with MP3’s or CD

Option 4: Advanced Level 12 CD/MP3 Courses
7 bi-weekly sessions – 6 CD MP3 courses and 1 wrap up session – 1-1/2 hour each

Licensed psychologists, MFTs, psychiatrists, LCSWs and counselors

Read the book
Participation in the intermediate course
Listen to each assigned CD before attending the webinar

Advanced Series 1
Schizoid: A Deeper Look

1. Jung: Discovery of the Self in Individuation and Transformation.
Time: 1:47 (1.5 hrs CE Credit) Buy Now

  • Edward Edinger – Principles of Jungian Analysis applicable to clinical practice
  • Reich: Difficult patients – working with resistance
  • Reich on ego development

2. Termination; Character Analytic Group Therapy.
Time: 2:28 (2 hrs CE Credit) Buy Now

  • Successful and unsuccessful terminations
  • Termination: Disorder of the self-patients and Reich’s neurotic character types
  • Character Diagnoses as it relates to termination issues
  • Successful terminations within the range of depth psychotherapy to shorter duration therapies
  • The clinical picture of termination
  • Acting out as a form of termination
  • Treatment addiction

3. Treatment of Early Trauma and its Effect on Development.
Time: 1:22 (1 hrs CE Credit) Buy Now

  • Review of personality disorders
  • Developmental trauma
  • How childhood trauma is processed
  • Defensive strategies and their effect on development and treatment
  • The effects of trauma on the formation of the Self
  • Repression, splitting and dissociation

4. Our Most Difficult Patients: Devaluing Narcissist.
Time: 2:43 (2.5 hrs CE Credit) Buy Now

  • Narcissists with devaluing defenses
  • The disorder of the self narcissist and the phallic narcissist
  • The basics of devaluing
  • Narcissistic features and their defensive functions in various character types
  • Character types and their defenses
  • The masochist character type and traits

5. Schizoid: A Deeper Look.
Time: 2:52 (2.5 hrs CE Credit) Buy Now

  • Differential Diagnosis – Schizophrenia and Schizoid disorders of the self
  • Schizophrenia from an Orgonomic perspective
  • Review of Mahler’s stages of development
  • Symbiosis
  • Reich’s contactlessness – Schizoid process
  • Guntrip’s nine fundamental characteristics of the Schizoid
  • Clusters: The pure schizoid, the pseudo narcissistic, and the pseudo borderline
  • Intrapsychic structure
  • The attachment unit for the schizoid: Master/Slave
  • Differential diagnosis

6. Obesity and Middle Phase of Treatment
Time: 4:32 (4.5 hrs CE Credit) Buy Now

  • Reich: Oral Unsatisfied Block: Obesity
  • More on the Function of Over-eating from an Orgonomic Perspective
  • Counter-transference Issues: Blocks to Clarity
  • Reich: Counter-transference
  • Couples Therapy: Reichian and Mastersonian
  • Orgonomic Medicine and Physics

Obesity and Middle Phase of Treatment is also available in our Comprehensive Series.

Advanced Level 1 Audio Series CD’s : Individual CD Courses 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5: $250 each.
Course #6, Obesity and middle Phase of Treatment is $325.

Package pricing for Advanced Level 1 CD’s
  • Package A contains CD’s 1-3: $600 ($150 discount) Buy Now
  • Package B contains CD’s 4-6: $690 ($135 discount) Buy Now

Advanced Series 2

1. Borderline Disorders & Working with Anxiety
Time: 4:43 (4.5 hrs CE Credit)
Topics include:

  • Summary of Borderline Personality Disorder: Masterson Approach: Karla Clark Ph.D.
  • Confrontation: Primary Intervention for the Borderline, Ralph Klein M.D.
  • Case Supervision: Borderline Patients
  • Reich: The Hysteric and the Oedipal Complex
  • Anxiety Disorders According to Reich and Masterson
  • Discussion of Mistakes and Failures in Treatment

Price: $325.00. Buy Now

2. Eating Disorders as they relate to Reich’s Character Types
Time: 4hrs (4 hrs CE Credit)
Topics include:

  • The Enteric Nervous System
  • Abdominal Pain and Eating Issues
  • Orgonomic Perspective: Eating Disorders, Development, Segments, Character as it Relates to Various Disorders
  • Review of the Blocked Stages of Development
  • The Oral Unsatisfied, Repressed, and Oral Repressed Types
  • Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia
  • Hysteric Character with an Oral Unsatisfied Block
  • Narcissist, Borderlines, and Schizoid Weight/Body Issues
  • Chronic Depressive Characters, Manic Depressive Characters, and Schizophrenic – Eating Issues
  • The Masochist – Chronic Stasis
  • Passive Feminine – Passivity and Weight Gain
  • Treatment Suggestions

Price: $250.00. Buy Now

3. Assessing One’s Clinical Skill
Time: 37min. (.5 hrs CE Credit)
Topics include:

  • Assessing One’s Clinical Skill Level

Price: $175.00. Buy Now

4. Deeping the Relationship: Working with Dreams
Time: 2:40 (2.5 hrs CE Credit)
Topics Include:

  • Dream Analysis and Transformation
  • The Transcendent Function
  • Specifics of Dream Analysis
  • Compensation: a Major Function of Dreams
  • Share a Patient’s or Personal Dream
  • Working with Imagery
  • Archetypical Spiritual or Higher Self Dream Images
  • Dreams of Houses
  • Images of Diamonds and Gems

Price: $200.00. Buy Now

5. Understanding Neurosis and Oedipal Issues
Time: 1:24 (1 hr CE Credit)
Topics Include:

  • Resolving the Oedipus Complex
  • The Oedipal Conflict
  • Reich’s Stages of Development
  • Genital Stage and Genital Character
  • Healthy Sexual Union and the 3 Stages of Development
  • Application to Clinical Practice
  • Therapeutic Approach: Neurotic vs a Disorder of the Self
  • Methodical Protocol for Working with Disorder of the Self Patients with Oedipal Stage Issues

Price: $200.00. Buy Now

6. Private Practice Success Series
Time: 3:08 (3 hrs CE Credit)
Topics Include:

  • Importance of Learning a Business Model of Therapy
  • Establish a Database – Internet – Web Page
  • Niche Building
  • The Elevator Speech
  • Networking
  • Giving local Presentations-lectures
  • Insurance
  • Consider Being on a Panel
  • Statements, Patient Billing, Payments

Price: $250.00. Buy Now

7. Bodywork Tutorial
Time: 2:04 (2 hrs CE Credit)
Topics Include:

  • Introduction to Orgonomic Training: Important Concepts
  • When you Become an Orgonomist this is a Changing Identity
  • Understanding the Theory Behind Reich’s Approach
  • Chronic Patterns of High Arousal
  • The Parasympathetic System and the Parameters of Pulsation, Expansion and Contraction
  • Summary of the Principals Related to Reich’s Energy Utilization
  • The Workaholic
  • The Depressed Patient
  • The Bound Masochistic Patient
  • The Lightly Armored Patient
  • Chronically Bound, Tense and Numb Organism
  • The Intellectual
  • A Patient Who is Unable to Contain Charge

Price: $250.00. Buy Now


Advanced Level 1 Audio Series CDs: Individual CD Courses 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5: $250 each.
Course #6, Obesity and middle Phase of Treatment is $325.

Bundled Price:

Package pricing for Advanced Level 1 CD’s

  • Package A contains CD’s 1-3: $600 ($150 discount) Buy Now
  • Package B contains CD’s 4-6: $690 ($135 discount) Buy Now

Package pricing for Advanced Level 2 CD’s

  • Package A contains CD’s 1-3: 3 CD courses for $600 ($150 discount). Buy Now
  • Package B contains CD’s 4-7: 4 CD courses for $740 ($160 discount). Buy Now

Price Adv 1: $125 per week or $825 PIF does not include CDs

Price Adv 2: $125 per week or $950 PIF does not include CDs

Partial Scholarships are available.

Included in this option:
  • Handouts
  • Each group mentoring session will be on topic of CD listened to
  • Access to my exclusive membership area that includes bonus resources and private course materials

This option is designed for advanced students who have completed the prerequisites who are well on their way to success in the Method.

Programs to start in March 2018!
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