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2020 Therapy Supervision Group

Facilitated by Dr. Patricia Frisch, Mill Valley, CA

Dr. Patricia Frisch is facilitating an open supervision/consultation group for professionals/students who practice various treatment approaches. The objective of the group will be to help clinicians with their patients, discuss on-going cases, share challenges and successes, and provide a supportive forum for clinicians. Dr. Frisch will lead the group and offer general mentoring, discussion of differential diagnosis, and suggestions on unlocking therapeutic stasis. This ongoing forum will provide a solid professional network where attendees can also learn from peers. Practice building will be included.

Participation via Skype or Zoom is available for those unable to attend in-person. Session recordings are strictly confidential and are only shared with attendees.

2020 Schedule and Policies

Dates/Times: The supervision group will meet for 2 hours, from 11:45am-1:45pm, on Fridays 11 times over the course of the year.

Session Dates:

1/31/2020 #1
2/14/2020 #2
3/27/2020 #3
4/24/2020 #4
5/29/2020 #5
7/24/2020 #6
8/21/2020 #7
9/18/2020 #8
10/9/2020 #9
11/13/2020 #10
12/18/2020 #11

Please arrive 15 minutes in advance to have time to park and settle. The first time you reserve space, we’ll send you directions.

Location: Dr. Frisch’s office at 315 Eldridge Avenue, Mill Valley, California, 94941.


  • Series: Attendees who commit to attending all sessions of the group may pay $95 per session, with two allowed absences (for which they do not need to pay).
  • The drop-in rate is $110 per session, payable at the time of the session.
  • First time attendees: Clinicians who have never attended a class/event by Dr. Frisch may pay a drop-in rate of $50 per session for their first two consecutive sessions.
  • Series: The fee for students is $65 per session, with two allowed absences (for which they do not need to pay).
  • The drop-in rate for students is $75, payable at the time of the session.

For new students, please contact for payment link. Payment can be made by cash or check made payable to Dr. Patricia Frisch. Those who have an account with Dr. Frisch will be billed monthly for supervision along with their other services.

Registration: The group will be limited to 11 participants. You can register by emailing Drop-in members must email us in advance of each session in order to reserve their space and to confirm that there is room for them to attend. Please include your name, the date(s) for which you are registering, your therapeutic approach (the first time you register), and a contact phone number. We will quickly reply with confirmation of your reservation.

Please read additional FIMO policies outlined in our Agreement.

Dr. Patricia Frisch has created a unique, proprietary clinical method which expands Reich’s character typology and seamlessly weaves in portions of Masterson’s theory and practice resulting in a comprehensive system for treating patients and training therapists. Her method, along with the material on this website, materials from her trainings, and Dr. Frisch’s audio CD’s, which are copyrighted through the Library of Congress, are her sole property. Dr. Frisch’s method can only be taught with her permission. Please contact her directly at for permission to use her method or materials.
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