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Online Coaching for Mental Health Professionals

Coming Soon: March 2018

Learning the Method in a Progressive Structured Format with MP3’s or CD’s

Option 2: Introductory Level 1 – 6 CD/MP3 Courses 1-1/2 hour
7 bi-weekly webinars – 6 courses and 1 wrap up session – 1-1/2 hour each

Licensed psychologists, MFTs, psychiatrists, LCSWs and counselors

I have been training with Dr Frisch now for more than 2 years. She has a strength of frame and depth of perspective that I have not seen elsewhere. Her training provides a multilevel (CDs, MP3s, Group Supervision, Demos, Classes) that are rich and supportive and suits the lives of busy, budding therapists. She’s especially good with helping me organize my work with difficult clients. She also models wide open awareness, clarity and compassion, whilst having clear and strong boundaries, which I think is one of the most important capacities for a therapist.
— Aidan Pelly

Partially or fully complete reading the book.
Listen to each assigned CD/MP3 course before attending the webinar.

The Introductory CD Training Series: Also available upon request in MP3 format with no shipping costs.

1. An Orientation on Breaking through Resistance.
Reich is the master of working with resistance and it is a core concept to his clinical approach. Therapists who do not know how to recognize resistance at its most subtle level and approach it skillfully will see patients sabotage their progress, drop out prematurely, and continue their unrewarding pattern of resistance to life and others. This course is an edited recording of a 2-hour orientation training.
Time: 1:40 (1.5 hrs CE credit)
Price: $60* Buy Now

2. Fundamentals of Wilhelm Reich & Masterson’s Setting the Frame.
In this course, an edited recording of a half-day introductory training, Dr Frisch discusses Reich’s critical concept of contact, the 3 layers of defense, and other basics of Orgonomy. Dr Frisch will cover the basic nuts and bolts of clinical practice, creating and holding the therapeutic frame, and give details on how to conduct 1st and 2nd session patient interviews. Students will learn how to set up the therapeutic relationship so it can succeed. Role-play with coaching demonstrating the therapeutic work in action is included.
Time: 2:44 (2.5 hrs CE credit)
Price: $120*. Buy Now

3. Introduction to Diagnosis: Orgonomy and Characteranalysis – Working with Presenting Style, an Inroad into Defense.
This course, an edited recording of a half-day introductory training, delineates Reich’s theory and stages of character development, and discusses how trauma leads to blocks creating repressed or unsatisfied zones. Dr Frisch discusses the development of muscular and character armoring and other orgonomic concepts. She outlines Reich’s diagnostic typology and delineates many of his character types. There is discussion between the lectures and an experiential portion, which includes Dr Frisch coaching a dyadic role-play.
Time: 3:05 (3 hrs CE Credit)
Price: $120*. Buy Now

4. Introduction to Diagnosis: Disorders of the Self.
This course, an edited recording of a half-day introductory training, gives you the basics of developmental self/object relations from James Masterson’s perspective. Reich’s diagnostic focus fit his times with an emphasis on the oedipal phase of development and accompanying, related neurotic impairments. Research in attachment issues and related preoedipal dysfunction adds greatly to the typology of character diagnosis. This provides students a breadth of knowledge in character structure/defenses, which allows their clinical work to be truly discriminating. An introduction to theory and a discussion of Narcissistic Character disorder is also included.
Time: 2:56 (2.5 hrs CE Credit)
Price: $120*. Buy Now

5. Reich’s Diagnostic Categories Part 2: Schizophrenia and the Anal Character.
This course, an edited recording of a half-day introductory training, completes Reich’s diagnostic typology so students are armed with all the character structures they will need to accurately assess patients. This course also includes a discussion of schizophrenia from Dr. Mahler’s object relations point of view, to better understand the etiology and inherent nature of this patient.
Time: 2:38 (2.5 hrs CE Credit)
Price: $120*. Buy Now

6. The Difficult Patient: Managing Acting Out.
This course,  an edited recording of an introductory full-day training, discusses Reich’s foundational concepts of resistance, transference neurosis and latent negative transference. Dr. Frisch delineates the stratification of the layers of defense. The Disorder of the Self diagnoses of Borderline and Schizoid will be completed.
Time: 5:11 (5 hrs CE Credit)
Price: $200*. Buy Now

Bundled Price: Introductory Training Series Discount Packages
  • Intro Package A will be Courses 1, 2, & 3 and the package price will be $250 ($50 discount) Buy Now
  • Intro Package B will be Sessions 4, 5, & 6 and the package price will be $365 ($75 discount) Buy Now
Start Date: March 2018
Price Introductory Level Webinar Groups: $125 per week or $875 paid in full (does not include Courses)
Included in this option:
  • Handouts
  • Each group mentoring webinar will be on topic of course listened to
  • Access to Dr. Frisch’s exclusive membership area that includes bonus resources and private course materials

This option is a stand-alone option and/or designed for professionals who are training in Dr. Frisch’s method.

Partial Scholarships are available.

Over the past ten or more years, it has been a privilege to work with Dr. Frisch in many capacities. As my therapist, she sees my core issues and names them with penetrating clarity while holding a vision that calls me to my highest good. Doing the biophysical work with her has liberated me from my body’s contracted defenses of hiding in fear, or reactive anger. This liberation allows my soul – and humor – to arise spontaneously; it just happens! As a trainer, Dr. Frisch presents her theoretical orientation in an extensive and intelligent manner. As a mentor, she guides my work as a therapist, always inspiring me to trust my instincts, track the function of a patient’s defenses, and hone my interventions to be concise and on the mark. This fusion of therapist, trainer and mentor results in my personal and professional growth that is deeply transparent as well as liberating.

Dr. Frisch’s masterful blending of theoretical orientations provides therapists with a sophisticated, comprehensive & clear model of understanding character development, what happens when that development is impaired, and how to work with the resultant defensive structures in both mind and body. She is a leading expert in the work of Wilhelm Reich as well as more recent psychological wisdom arising from studies in early childhood development, particularly that of James Masterson. This fusion is enhanced within the symbolic and soulful orientation of Carl Jung. With this blend of orientations, Dr. Frisch’s thorough yet elegant model tracks & heals the expression of the Self. It is an exciting development that her book is being published so that others may profit from this sophisticated alchemy. It is my hope that many therapists will benefit from Dr. Frisch’s functional model of therapeutic healing, one that embraces the shadow and sets soul free in a way that is deeply rooted in the body.

— Diane Harnish

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