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What is Your Growth Edge?

All of us, from time-to-time, can inspire ourselves by pinpointing a specific growth edge of change we might be willing to jump-start. When I say growth edge, I am referring to something we may be afraid of or something we have wanted to try but haven’t. Maybe it is a specific activation we have procrastinated in completing. Is there a risk you could take that would make you better yourself? What is the edge of real change for you? Can you start a project you always wanted to do – or finish a project still left undone?

We can go along with our routines, repeating old mistaken concepts about how to be. We can subscribe to antiquated habits that don’t serve us. Yet, every moment provides an opportunity to change things up. Let’s delineate a point of departure for making one change. Let’s select an item for improvement.

What is our growth edge? Do we relate to our partner in a repetitive way that neither feel good about? How about creating a shift in our relational style, consciously? How about a personal habit that always bothered us, yet we keep doing it? Do we have an unhealthy habit that is not beneficial for our health and well-being? What about work habits – what is our growth edge there? How can we implement a real change; one change in the way we work or relate to others at the office?

To make changes, first we need to isolate a specific item or issue. Often we have a habit or stylistic quality of which we are aware and don’t really like – but we keep doing it because we do not actively decide to shift it. Change is an active process that encourages mental intention to activate the change. It takes commitment too. If we commit to making this one change, we will feel a sense of pride if we succeed.

I challenge you to make one specific change in your life. Think about what it might be. Then decide deeply if you want and are ready to initiate this shift. Tell a friend so you have a witness. Keep it front and center so you don’t avoid or fall into mindlessness. Writing in a journal can be a helpful tool. Write down your change and elaborate on aspects of it that might be challenging. You can create a deadline date by which you will begin initiating your shift. Then document how you are progressing. Notice feelings associated with implementation. Notice feelings if you are not succeeding as you had hoped. Write these down. Work your process with an open and spacious attitude so you don’t shut yourself down. Don’t get dogmatic but rather be tolerant of your progress or failures — hold it as a learning experience.

I would like to hear how this goes for you so please post if you want to.

I wish you the best in this endeavor!


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