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Psyche and Soma

Orgonomy embraces health with a functional mind-body approach that helps patients access their naturally abundant free flowing energy, and couples it with capacity for lively contact and clarity of perception in an unarmored body. This approach is distinguished from other therapies by its energetic concept of functioning. When there is blockage in our mind and body, our capacity to function at our fullest is limited by both aspects. Our physicality is part and parcel of the health equation. As mental health professionals – why not work with the body directly? Why not expand treatment beyond a strictly verbal analytic therapy model, as we increasingly realize the importance of body-mind components that factor into the etiology of physical disease, stress-related symptoms and capacity to heal. I hope to engage you in these questions and provide answers. I am incredulous that the vast majority of analysts never engage the patient’s body in the process; likely because somatic interventions are rarely taught in a methodical way that is congruent with theoretical principles of analysis. With verbal therapies, the mind and emotions are engaged, but not the body, therefore the mind-body split continues.

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How Childhood Trauma Effects Health

In a recent post, I mentioned my abiding interest in the Science Times section of the NY Times. My other loyalty, as many of you have also cultivated, is to NPR, public radio, particularly their interviews with various experts. So…one morning on my way to the gym I heard an interview about a scientific study that definitively addresses the connection between difficult early childhood experiences and future adverse effects on health. I was quite excited to hear about this research, which began in the 90’s, and how its conclusions are gaining acceptance within the medical community. As a psychologist who expounds on the mind/body connection and addresses childhood stress and trauma through character and somatic work, I was thrilled to hear about the research and its validation of the relationship between trauma and future health sequela.

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