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Living Our Creativity

As I think about my next coaching class for psychotherapists, I am reminded that activating our creative efforts is a crucial contributor to life satisfaction and meaning. Whether you are in business, or an artist, a writer, a consultant, an exercise trainer, or a masseuse…need I go on… life satisfaction comes from a feeling that you can evolve your creative self. What does that mean? There is a lot of talk about branding through social media, building a platform, communicating to be recognized thus building your reputation. These platforms do increase visibility and may become a good feedback loop for your creative ideas. But those efforts need to begin with an internal connection before the external notoriety.

What I am speaking to in this post is first and foremost a more private inner exploration and discovery that can lead ultimately to a real commitment. As you sit with yourself, you can discover how you can best manifest, what vehicles of expression excite you, bring you a feeling of aliveness, and are an expression of your core Self. Sometimes the field is barren for a while and that is part of the necessary emptiness before there is fertility.

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