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Living Our Creativity

As I think about my next coaching class for psychotherapists, I am reminded that activating our creative efforts is a crucial contributor to life satisfaction and meaning. Whether you are in business, or an artist, a writer, a consultant, an exercise trainer, or a masseuse…need I go on… life satisfaction comes from a feeling that you can evolve your creative self. What does that mean? There is a lot of talk about branding through social media, building a platform, communicating to be recognized thus building your reputation. These platforms do increase visibility and may become a good feedback loop for your creative ideas. But those efforts need to begin with an internal connection before the external notoriety.

What I am speaking to in this post is first and foremost a more private inner exploration and discovery that can lead ultimately to a real commitment. As you sit with yourself, you can discover how you can best manifest, what vehicles of expression excite you, bring you a feeling of aliveness, and are an expression of your core Self. Sometimes the field is barren for a while and that is part of the necessary emptiness before there is fertility.

If you are a psychotherapist ponder creative ways to help people that speak your values and sense of meaning that you would like to impart. Maybe you could do an unusual workshop, a theme group or find different avenues to express what you believe in. Then back yourself with appropriate help or guidance in marketing for example, to make your vision a reality.

If you are an artist, paint with your heart so that you support your talent. Committing time is a most essential requirement. Only if you prioritize your time, are you expressing in reality, your belief in yourself. Maybe you could teach too, or contribute your artistic talents in ways that expand you when you are not in your studio.

Whatever you do, first you need to devote your energy exclusively to what you decide matters. Your creativity must come first. Otherwise, your soul efforts are frittered away and soon your life is frittered away and you realize that you missed so many opportunities to make a purposeful contribution.

Your creativity may shine in your house remodel, your delicious creative cooking, planting a garden, or creating through real estate. Whatever your vehicle is and you may have more than one, realize that these are important aspects of your creativity manifesting. And be joyful that you make things happen.

We all create and give in many ways, so first of all realize that you are manifesting your talents every day. Then, if you have a wish to do more in a certain area of expression make it important even in the face of others demands on you. Move the busy work to the side and put your creativity front and center.

Notice if you are avoiding because you are afraid to put yourself out there. Or you don’t feel worthy enough to be noticed. Back yourself in spite of your fear and feelings of unworthiness and those feelings will loosen and you will find an expansive place to enjoy creating. We all have various gifts and we have to respect and value them.

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