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Living Our Creativity: Part 2

How do we inspire and share our creativity with others? This post discusses ways we can support our selves and others in a group setting. When we meet in a group whether it is with a few friends, a small group of unknown others, a workshop, a repeated group meeting, group therapy or a class that meets weekly we can feel supported and may be seen by familiar faces. Groups have an intention to meet and that intention holds everyone together for a common purpose. Those purposes can vary from cooking and eating, a book club, a sport club, a mom’s activity, a political discussion or activist group, an environmentally focused cause, a yoga class, knitting group, a choir or singing group, a salon of writers or fine artists, or a transformational workshop. We are social animals and crave connection and contact and groups facilitate connection with others. What I am suggesting here is how a group context can inspire and facilitate our creativity and support our social spirit.

You can create and lead a group, create a workshop or attend a group as a one-off or join on-going groups. I will discuss these possibilities and you can see if any of them fit for you. In this post, I am not discussing the many online group forums that can also serve these causes but have different benefits. I am focusing on personal, in vivo contact.

For those of you that are therapists or simply good at what you do, you can pull a group or workshop together. Our learning is enhanced when we share what we know; we strengthen those elegant aspects of our selves. That is a personal gain. And others benefit and that is a community gain. Sharing our interests or expertise provides a necessary challenge in that we have to acknowledge our strengths and expertise. Many of us do not readily accept our strong points because, at times, we may feel not good enough. In bringing our interests to the forefront and engaging with others we must assume our own self worth. So if you are a writer for example, bring others together, or teach younger folks and create a forum for expression. If you are a fine artist, provide mentorship to others and inspire them as you inspire yourself and everyone learns. If you are a therapist, what is it that lights you up? Is it the merger of dream work with group process, or spiritual concepts that you wish to introduce, or a physical form of movement that promotes healing within the group, or is it expertise in medicine, business or nutrition, or living and dying. Create a group and enjoy the engagement.

If you are not ready to lead then join and engage in life more fully. Maybe there is a pursuit you have not taken seriously. So you find a mentor and a group to help you formalize the pursuit. Or you may feel isolated and wish to be with others to share ideas and feelings and become woven into in an intimate group tapestry with a leader you respect. Or maybe it is a workshop that you immerse yourself in and come out having made progress toward something that matters.

I suggest these avenues as a way to increase and enhance your creativity and fortify your social fabric. Most importantly, I am suggesting we all have something to offer. Most of us have a wealth of life experience yet we don’t realize the opportunity it affords us to share it. We keep our precious gold keys locked away. If you can give well to one person or many people, you make your life worthwhile. We are given gifts in order to give them away. Feel free to give your gifts to others and you will enjoy your unique life fully. And we constantly need to recreate our status quo because everything in life, if it is alive, is in a process of change and transformation. Health and pleasure comes from our ability to alter our static albeit “safe “patterns and go toward the edges of our challenge points.

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