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Gratitude – Strong Medicine

It may sound cliché at this time of year to encourage thankfulness and gratitude – yet those attitudes are strong inner healing medicine for our minds and bodies. That medicine warms us from the inside out and gives us a sense of wellbeing. When we act with generosity towards others, we cultivate our natural expansiveness – we can relax rather than constrict. We escape the grip of our small, tightly woven, survival-oriented egos that assert their will over our more gracious and generous values. In those moments, when we live inside our smaller self – constricted, hyper-vigilant to what we are getting – we actually feel less worthy. When we experience our feelings of sufficiency, we know we are enough and can give to others as well as experience gratitude for all we receive. We can feel connected to others and to the beauty surrounding us – we can feel more alive. We see the preciousness of others and move beyond our own petty selfishness – hah liberation!

Spiritual leaders like the Dalai Lama are quite open about the selfish reasons to be warm and open hearted to others. He knows the personal benefits embedded in the experience of giving and caring for others – a noble path to wellbeing that benefits everyone.

Start by looking at those that are closest to you. Include your family, even if they live far away and offer them your blessings. There may be brothers and sisters and their relations or other relations from which you feel alienated – see if there is graciousness to be found. Reserve special thanks for your partner who suffers with your daily gripes and extends to help you on a continuous basis. Relationships improve greatly with gratitude as the platform. Sincerely saying “Thank you” can abound on a frequent basis. Sincere appreciation goes a long way in oiling our relationships to a fine patina.

Your friends, both near and far, are with you in spirit – extend a warm hug mentally to all the friends you cherish. Be generous and speak your appreciation openly because they matter in your life.

You may have wonderful neighbors that you smile at when they walk down the street. How pleasant to have good neighbors surrounding you even if you barely speak. Are there mentors, teachers, advisors, and work associates that help your life flow better? Extend your thankfulness to them.

This month say thank you more than you normally do and make real contact with the other when you do. We are fragile beings in that our lives can be taken from us abruptly. While we are here, let’s celebrate our aliveness in relationship by acknowledging how much is given to us by others.

I will begin this process by thanking each and every one of you for your interest and engagement in my work and Orgonomy. That you participate with me honors me and I am forever grateful for your involvement no matter what your level of participation. Thank you students who so diligently work hard to learn the method and give so much to your patients through your good works. Thank you Lisa, for your enduring excellence in our working relationship. Thank you to all the individuals who help me with my business, including the technological aspects and creating and sustaining my website that supports my programs and communications.

Thank you to my patients who work so damn hard on themselves and put up with me ­– my confrontations and rigorous feedback. Phew, it is difficult at times, the therapeutic relationship. I applaud your tenacity and courage to make critical changes in your life. Your personal work extends beyond you and makes our world a better place. As you become aware and alter negative habits, you encourage those around you to be better people too. You are blessings in my life.

I am suggesting that, beyond our communication of thank you, we can experience a deep inner expansiveness that connects us to all that surrounds us. We are embedded in a world that may be challenging, but also supports us. Allow those feelings of support – lean in to the trees, the birds, the sky and earth. Relax into moments of pleasure and peace. Healing medicine in simple yet deeply profound experiences of connectedness and gratitude.


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