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Learn Dr. Frisch’s Method Through Audio Courses

My Independent Study Program (ISP) offers students, professional therapists and patients easy access to audio teaching modules covering all aspects of therapeutic practice outside of a formal classroom process – in an organized and methodical fashion. After years of organizing and distilling the relevant clinical material of Reich, Masterson and Jung, I developed a method that teaches a precise clinical approach using discrete steps with functionally applicable tools – the basics of how to do therapy from soup-to-nuts.

Through teaching live classes for many years, and with the help of students who recorded a prodigious amount of these sessions, I began the mammoth job of editing all of the recordings with my terrific audio engineer, and created a compendium of CD’s and MP3’s that give public access to this abundant supply of theoretical and clinical information on Orgonomy and my own method. These audio learning programs feature lively student discussions, which include the listener as if he or she is attending the class. Of course, the CD’s were highly edited to eliminate compromising personal information in order to maintain strict confidentiality.

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Touch in Psychotherapy

Touch in psychotherapy has been a controversial topic. This is a very complex discussion as there are many considerations to balance.

First though, let’s discuss a basic misconception still prevalent within vast swaths of psychotherapists and medical professionals, as well as society at large, for that matter. Namely, the mind/body dichotomy and it is still alive and well within psychotherapy since Freud. Wilhelm Reich bridged the scientific and theoretical gap between mind and body elegantly. Reich, through years of clinical experience with patients, and a legacy of scientifically validated laboratory experiments, documented how patients’ psychic conditions were reflected in medical conditions and how physical conditions were mirrored in the psyche.

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