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Living Our Creativity: Part 2

How do we inspire and share our creativity with others? This post discusses ways we can support our selves and others in a group setting. When we meet in a group whether it is with a few friends, a small group of unknown others, a workshop, a repeated group meeting, group therapy or a class that meets weekly we can feel supported and may be seen by familiar faces. Groups have an intention to meet and that intention holds everyone together for a common purpose. Those purposes can vary from cooking and eating, a book club, a sport club, a mom’s activity, a political discussion or activist group, an environmentally focused cause, a yoga class, knitting group, a choir or singing group, a salon of writers or fine artists, or a transformational workshop. We are social animals and crave connection and contact and groups facilitate connection with others. What I am suggesting here is how a group context can inspire and facilitate our creativity and support our social spirit.

You can create and lead a group, create a workshop or attend a group as a one-off or join on-going groups. I will discuss these possibilities and you can see if any of them fit for you. In this post, I am not discussing the many online group forums that can also serve these causes but have different benefits. I am focusing on personal, in vivo contact.

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