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In Gratitude

My book event and signing occurred at 1:00 PM 2-24-18 at Book Passage, Corte Madera. I was deeply moved by all who came to listen, support and engage. The community of patients, students, professionals, and friends all present together celebrating the publication of my book was both thrilling and humbling. As I stated in my presentation, I carry a debt of gratitude to so many whom have been part and parcel of the arduous journey that lead to the exhilarating birth of my book.

First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude for each and every patient that came my way over 40 years in practice. The ones that were challenges taught me important lessons; they showed me my strengths and weaknesses. The intricate give and take with my many patients who stayed the course with perseverance, courage and diligence, I deeply respect their efforts. Many have worked with me for decades, healing significant traumas. The relationships run deep and create a reciprocal flow that evolves into a third synergistic field. At the event I reconnected with patients that long ago left my practice as they had completed their work or a chunk of it. I felt a warm satisfaction that they still held the gains of the work. The threads of deep connection remained over many years of absence.

I honor my Accredited Orgonomists and student participants who have helped me hone my skills as they honed theirs. As I teach, so I learn. Over many years of teaching and supervising, I created my method through integrating theoreticians in my lecture material year after year. My students showed me what benefited them, what they could apply, and with years of supervision I could see what were the most effective and efficacious tools. I greeted with pleasure some professional students no longer in the program who came to pay their respects.

My friends came to my event with their smiles and lively expressions and texts right before and after — I felt my community. They offer me continual inspiration thanks to their loyalty and support.

There were many other interested participants that enjoyed the excerpts I shared. It was good to read from my book and feel into the carefully picked selections, as I read them out loud in public for the first time. I was grateful to my partner Allan for sitting with my trial runs and offering his critical input. My editor was in the audience and I smiled secretly as I read, remembering her input every step of the way.

David Nelson, my videographer was on hand to video the entire event. For those of you who couldn’t make it you can view the event in its entirety — just click on the video link in this newsletter. The video can be found on my website. If you were at the event and would like to relive it with me, you can enjoy it all again!

I send you warm wishes and gratitude for all your contributions to my life.

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